Art lover
Hello sweeties, 
I'm just so excited to come back here and introduce with you this creative Dutch painterMaarten. I saw his paintings in an art market and in love at once at his art works. 
Actually, I love all beautiful things in life and can't help but in love with creative colourful paintings. Some art works like these are irresistible!!! You can see more of his paintings at
Have a good weekend! xxxxHanna

Music earrings
Hello loves, how are you today? It has been for a while since my last post. I was quite busy with real life and had no time for social networks. But today I make it to visit here for awhile. Lovely to see your spring posts and sharing with you my beautiful music earrings those I bought in Milan. Have a good Sunday!

Burning red tulip field🌷🌹🌹🌹
Red tulip field vs red silk embroidery dress πŸŒΉπŸ’‹πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ˜ Happy weekend, darlingsπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ˜˜πŸ’

I’d love to share some more photos of tulip fields which I took this yearπŸ’š

I made my gardens full of biodiversity (part 1)

Six years ago, when we bought our second house, with a very good price, there were many useless things to throw away.Thanks to the help of our good neighbors like Mr. Jan, Bart, Jaco and his boys and also other people, we have taken all those things to make our green garden.I should say the gardens because there were three: one in front of, another behind and another next to the house.

When we sold this house, I really missed the green gardens with lots of fruit plants, flowers, perfumes and even lots of salads and vegetables those I had put.I'm not sure if I will make another garden such beautiful, variety and full of bio diversity like this.Who knows, maybe some years later?Do you also like  gardening?! xxxx Hanna

Ho fatto i miei giardini pieni di bio diversita'(P.1)

 Sei anni fa, quando abbiamo comprato la nostra precedente casa, con un prezzo molto buono, c'erano tantissime cose inutili da buttare. Grazie all…
Amsterdam dream
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English It was a beautiful winter day in Amsterdam. This is always my favorite city. It is beautiful, interesting and special. You can feel all of these when you get into its centre. It is the city of art, cycling, narrow canals and freedom <3 With many beautiful activities, museum, concernt, exhibitions etc you wish the day is never over :D xxxx Hanna  Dutch  Het was een mooie winterdag in Amsterdam. Deze is altijd mijn favoriete stad. Het is mooi, interessant en bijzonder. Je kant het voelen als je daar bent. Het is de stad met kunst, fietsen, smalle grachten en vrijheid <3

French/Dutch painter and his amazing art works about Amsterdam

Zuidezee Museum light evening
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During the Christmas days we went to the Zuiderzee Museum.There were many lights in the outdoor museum in the evening.It was fantastic!In the windy night, we walked through the dark-filled streets and experienced the story during Zuiderzee light.
Dutcht  Met de Kerst dagen gingen wij naar het Zuiderzeemuseum. Er waren s'avonds in het buitenmuseum veel lichtjes. Het was fantastisch! We wandlden in de Kerstvakantie door het steervolle donkere straatjes en beleefden het verhaal tijdens zuiderzeelicht.

Fit mom
Face your fear, win it and make it become your new hobby :D #VivaSport #FitMom
Dutch: Ongeveer twee jaar geleden kon ik niet zwemmen. Ik was bang voor het deep water. Dit was mijn zwakke punt. Daarom moest ik dat verbeteren. 
20% van Nederland is water. Wat meer, Nederland is een land dat veel plekken onder de zeespiegel liggen. Kunnen zwemmen was een moet voor mij. Dankzij de lesson kant ik nu wel zwemmen. Ik ben blij. Ik kan niet vaak naar het zwembad gaan maar ik probeer 2 tot 4 keer in a maand te gaan. 

Als ik zwem, vergeet ik alles. Alleen ik en het water: ik voel me ontspannen. Zwemmen is niet alleen een goede sport voor je lichaam maar ook voor je hoofd. Ik ben blij dat ik mijn angst overwonnen heb en een nieuwe goede sport heb gevonden. Ga je ook

Enjoy swimming even in the last days of my pregnancy <3

Ready to spend my happy time doing sport
Happy mom after swimming
What is your favorite sport, darlings?