Travel in style 💚💪😘👨‍👩‍👧👍Hello Switzerland!!!!!

Hello sweeties! It has been a long time..... How have you been doing so far? It was by our car problem we had to stop in Switzerland. Instead of complaining, we decided to spend our time discovering this magical country while waiting for our car to get repaired. 

And here is my fashion look when travel: simple, comfortable and cool!The top with a cute cat was a long one but I cut it shorter to look cooler. I also like the pants and the hat cause they are not only super lovely but also useful during my long travel by car. 

Let's discover the beauty of Switzerland with me!

Welcome in Switzerland!

Age isn’t just a nummer
My birthday is close by. One more age. I'm not worry of getting old. I don't have much time to worry. Being a busy mom and having lots of ideas to make them come true, I'm always in the mood on to action. 

This New Year event I got a terrible cold and a fever of 40 degree. The sickness lasted for 12 days and I was totally out of battery. My biggest dream of that time was to recover. Going through the hard years of stress from many big changes like changing the countries of living, learning to live in different places, weather, foods, languages, people in just some years, my body is still shocked. Plus living next to the wall with very disturbing people who make terified noises days and nights for six years, I was totally full of stress and sick. That was the reason why we had to look for the house when my child was still so small, about 10 months old. Thinking of those bad time, I was still shocked. It has a bad infection on my health and beauty. I ju…

Invitaion to my exhibition in August & September 2019 (Dutch version)

Invitation to my exhibition in August & September 2019 (Dutch version)

Hallo allemaal,

op 5 augustus 2019 om 16:00
uur is de opening van mijn schilderijen en foto's in de hal van het
gemeentehuis. Ik hoop jullie daar te ontmoeten. Als jullie niet kunnen
komen op 5 augustus dan kunnen jullie andare dagen komen om te kijken.
Omdat de tentoonstelling vanaf 2 augustus tot 30 september 2019 is. Tot

Holland tulip field: a dream come true!


Dancing girl infront of ancient windmill :) Cô gái múa trước cối xay gió...

Hello Travelers😘✌️💪💚
Hi sweeties, How is your style when you travel? Here is mine: comfortable, minimal and of course, cool😘😆 A big backpack is also very useful where I can put all my stuffs in🎒👓👟🥿.

Some of the photos I made during the travel. Have a good weekend, my dears🎊🥳😘 Ciao bellissima Italia😍 Hello Milano!!!

Summer biking look #byHannaPainter
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Cycling with a lovely dress, sandals and a cute bag? It's beautiful and comfortable anyway :) In this way, I do enjoy the good weather outdoor meanwhile wearing my favorite fashion pieces: the lovely sandals and bag which I bought in Milan during the years I worked there. 

Cycling outside is absolutely a beautiful way to get fit and refresh your mind. It does help me to feel happy and keep balance in life <3 Do you like cycling, too? :)

Sharing with you here some of my summer looks during my day outdoor with bycicle.