Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My painting N7

What can I tell you about my new painting? Well, I began to create it about two months ago and finished my art work this month. The travel to Italy and France with its sad moment , because our grandmother passed away, made me feel blue to paint. I painted what my head told me to paint. And that story in my head and soul, for this painting, I prefer to keep it for myself :). I was not yet happy of my work but my art teacher tell me that's fine and I'd better stop with it here. If you are interested in this painting, do not hesitate to send me an email to Hancreativeworld@gmail.comThank you so much! I wish you a nice day! xxx Han
Painting acrylic 30x30cm.
Photos for the look by TD
Stylish and photo colour for the look by Han

Wat kan ik vertellen over mijn nieuwe schilderij? Nou, ik begon met creëren  ongeveer twee maanden geleden en eindige dit kunstwerk deze maand. Tussendoor ben ik naar Italië en Frankrijk gereist vanwege het overlijden van Oma. Ik schilderde wat mijn hoofd vertelde om te doen. En dat verhaal in mijn hoofd en ziel voor dit schiderij wil ik liever voor mezelf houden. Ik ben nog niet blij van mijn werk, maar mijn tekenleraar verteld me dat dit prima is. Als u geïnteresseerd bent in mijn nieuwe schilderij, niet aarzelen om me een e-mail te sturen, naar Hartelijk bedankt en fijne dag! xxx Han

Saturday, December 26, 2015

A beautiful exhibition

This weekend there is a great exhibition at the school where I'm learning to paint. From yesterday till 17:00 PM tomorrow you can find there a lot of beautiful paintings of many different Dutch painters. Nice time for people who love art! Woud you like to see them, too? :)

Trien lam tranh nghe thuat o truong noi em hoc ve. Mo uoc mot ngay tranh cua minh cung duoc trien lam o day, khong biet bao nhieu nam nua. Cac bac hoa sy co tranh trien lam toan la nhung nguoi lon tuoi, da co hang chuc nam theo duoi hoi hoa hichic. Cu mo vay de co gang! 

Handmade cards from Holland)))

Thanks to my Dutch teacher now I know where to buy these lovely handmade cards. I appreciate a lot this beautiful handiwork of that Dutch lady. :) Interested to have one for sweet New Year or birthday wishes? Let me know :)

smile emoticon

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! <333

I don't know if I'm a fan of fashion but I'm sure that I like to act in front of the camera. And ofcourse, I like to make my own combination of outfits. In this look, I like the most the handmade earrings from an Italian street artist and the high heels. I bought them in Milan when we were waiting for our evening fly. Their brand is Salvatore e they are from a beautiful outlet in the centre of the city. I have lived and worked more than five years in Milan but this was the first time I saw this outlet. I think the shoes are very fashionable for making stylish looks but to tell the truth, I'm not able to walk on them :D. Normally, I wear sportive and comfortable shoes for daily activities. I only wear high heels, but much more comfortable than these ones, for parties or for a good match with elegant outfits. Of Course, like many women I love to dress prettily but if I have to choose, I choose to wear comfortably. By the way, I hope that you will have a sastify look for your Christmas and New Year event xxxxx Han

No so se io sono una fan di moda, ma sono sicura che a me piace agire di fronte alla telecamera. E naturalmente, mi piace anche fare la mia combinazione di abiti, scarpe, borse etc...Di questo look, a me piacciono di più gli orecchini fatti a mano da un artista di strada Italiano, e le scarpe con i tacchi alti. Li ho comprati a Milano, quando stavamo aspettando il nostro volo serale. Il loro marchio è Salvatore e sono da un bellissimo negozio nel centro della cità. Ho visuto e lavorato piu' di cinque anni a Milano ma questa era prima volta che ho visto questo outlet. Penso che le scarpe sono molto adatte per fare il look alla moda, ma ti dico la verità, non posso camminare con queste scarpe :D. Normalmente, indosso le scarpe sportive e confortevoli per le attività quotidiane. Metto i tacchi alti, ma molto piu' comodi di questi, per le feste oppure per una buona combinazione con gli abitti elegenti. Come molte altre donne, a me piace vestirmi graziosamente, ma se devo scegliere, la mia scelta sarà indossare qualcosa di comodo. A proposito, spero che sarete soddisfatte con il vostro look per l'evento di Natale e Capodanno xxxxxx Han

Photo for the look by TD
Stylish and photo colour by Han
Earrings: handmade earrings from an Italian street artist
Shoes: Salvatore made in Italy
shirt: Vila
Sweater: Only

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Let's visit Rijks museum in Amsterdam part II 

Was Vincent van Gogh a fashionable painter? Look at his self portrait with a fedora and you may have your own answer:))). But today issue is not about Vincent van Gogh. I just would like to share some of my fun creative looks and favorite paintings which I saw at Rijks museum in Amsterdam last weekend. I know for sure that I’m going to be back there soon. Have a nice weekend, everyone! xxxxxx Han
 Photos for the look by TD
 Stylish and photo colour for the look by Han

Ik woon nu al drie jaar in Nederland en ik heb vele mooie musea in het land bezocht. Nederland heeft een aantal zeer mooie en bekende musea in de wereld. Eigenlijk gek voor zo’n klein land. Ik was in het Van Gogh museum, en in het Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam geweest, ook in het Westfries museum in Hoorn, het Zuiderzee museum in Enkhuizen, het Stedelijk museum in Alkmaar enz. Vorige Zaterdag heb ik een mooie dag gehad in het Rijksmuseum. Voor mij, het is een van de mooiste musea in de wereld. Ik houd heel erg van schijderijen van verschillende grote schilders. Om 17:00 uur ging het museum dicht maar ik wilde niet weggaan :D. Ik weet zeker dat ik nog een keer naar het museum ga. Houden jullie hier ook van? Wie kan geen liefde hebben voor deze schilderijen? :) Fijn weekend allemaal!  Xxxxxx Han

Was Vincent van Gogh a fashionable painter? :)))

They are amazing!!!! <333

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Let's visit Rijks museum in Amsterdam part I

I live in the Netherlands since three years and I have visited lots of beautiful museums in this country. The Netherlands has a great number of amazing and famous museums in the world. It’s incredible for such a so small country. I have already visited Van Gogh museum, Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, also the Westfries museum in Hoorn, the Zuiderzee museum in Enkhuizen, the Stedelijk museum in Alkmaar etc. And I’m going to visit more of them in the coming years. Nice day, everyone! xxxxxxxxHan
Photos for the look by TD
Stylish by Han

Among the museums I have visited, I'm really impressed by the different paintings of different centuries and styles, painters from different countries. Who doesn't love these amazing paintings?

More photos of my creative looks and amazing paintings I’ve seen in Rijks museum will be posted in the ‘ Let’s visit Rijks museum’ part II within this weekend. Thank you for visiting my blog! <333 

Friday, December 11, 2015

CoolCat by the North sea

It was a beautiful Saturday and we decided to visit the sea beach of the lovely city Alkmaar in the Netherlands.The sky was so blue, so amazing and the wind was blowing hard, as it does very often here. Fortunately, I brought with me the thickest jacket from Cool Cat and it was a wise choice in the winter. It's warm, comfortable and after all, it's a cool one as it's named. We made some fun fashion looks with it and then we continued our discovery in this city. It was absolutely a nice experience. Have a great day xxxxxxHan

Photos by TD
Stylish and photo colours by Han

 How about dancing in the beach? :)

 Above you is the blue sky)))

A new crazy fan of the North Sea)))