Saturday, December 26, 2015

A beautiful exhibition

This weekend there is a great exhibition at the school where I'm learning to paint. From yesterday till 17:00 PM tomorrow you can find there a lot of beautiful paintings of many different Dutch painters. Nice time for people who love art! Woud you like to see them, too? :)

Trien lam tranh nghe thuat o truong noi em hoc ve. Mo uoc mot ngay tranh cua minh cung duoc trien lam o day, khong biet bao nhieu nam nua. Cac bac hoa sy co tranh trien lam toan la nhung nguoi lon tuoi, da co hang chuc nam theo duoi hoi hoa hichic. Cu mo vay de co gang! 


  1. The gian co nhieu nguoi tai hoa. Hoa sy la nhung nguoi nhu vay! Xem tranh cua ho mai khong biet chan.

  2. Nice paints, but much nicer Vietnamese beautiful girl! ;)