Friday, January 8, 2016

Cooperated looks with CNDirect

“La mia piccola stilista! Sorry but today I have only 3 minutes to make photos for your fashion look, then I have to run to the train station. Don’t waste your time, babe!’, my dear photographer told me in hurry. “Ok, it’s not a problem”, said I. I didn’t know how to act for the best of this look in just 3 minutes, so just did what come through my mind at that moment. We finished our work within 3 minutes and my photographer took his bag and bicycle to rush to the train station. The wind was blowing hard outside. I took the camera and began to work a bit with the photos. They looked not too bad as I wore this Women Fashion Multi Navy Draped Collar and boots from CNDirect . I think the colours of the products are quiet suitable for this cold and grey season. Have a good day, everyone!xxxHan
Photo: TD
Stylist and photo colour: Han 

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