Monday, January 25, 2016

It's Tosca Blu

Feeling blue sometimes? It’s a part of life. There is nothing perfect in this world. There is nothing lasts forever, especially the fragile thing called love. Don’t dream too much about love in order not to get hurt afterward is my own lesson.

When you don’t say a word, it doesn't mean that you don’t know anything. Saying for what purpose is more important than just saying something to release your feeling. When you’re angry, yelling may make you feel better, but it’s not a good way to solve your problem. I always tell my self when I’m sad or nervous: “ Okey Han, try to keep calm and see the issue with a cold head then find the best way to solve it quietly. Every problem in this life has ways to solve, just find the best one. You can do it!”. And you too!

Thank you guys for visiting my blog! Have a nice day wherever you are! 

Skirt: Terra Nuova
Bag: Tosca Blu

Stylist: Han

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