Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sta nevicando fuori! 

E' stupendo! Però fa freddo, naturalmente! Che cosa posso indossare con questo tempo per uscire? Qualcosa un po' chic ma anche cool, e soprattutto comodo e caldo? E' possibile una combinazione di abiti così? Probabilmente sì. Ma non ho tanto tempo da perdere con i vestiti. Ho pensato qualche secondo e qualche minuto per fare le foto prima di uscire. Mi sento ok prima di uscire dalla porta. Perchè non? :D Penso che sia importante che tu ti senta ok :)))

Grazie per aver letto il mio blog! Ti auguro una bella giornata qualungque posto tu sia xxx Hanna

Stylist and photo colour by Hanna 2016NL

Friday, February 19, 2016

Au revoir, la France!

It may sound funny but sometimes I ask myself :'How do I look when I'm very sad or tired?'. How if I make some photos to answer my silly question? :D And I did it during my travel in France for family reasons. I was so tired and sad to makeup so I just made some photos of my natural looks. Luckily, the sun was shining brightly and I just needed some minutes of Photoshop to make the photos look a bit more artistic )))

Usually, I dress comfortably for travelling. And I bring with me as less clothes as possible. Also in these looks, the jacket was from Cool Cat and it's really warm to wear. I wore it when I was in the mountain in November and I felt good with it. It's the only one jacket I brought with me during my travel from Holland to Italy and France. I bought these boots in France to change my mountain shoes which were covered by dust. But of course, I didn’t wear them when I went back to the mountain after 3 days stayed in France. You know, the fashionable boots are made for wearing in the cities not to climb the mountains :D

Thank you for visiting my blog!Have a nice weekend! xxx Han

Photo colour by Han in France