Friday, February 19, 2016

Au revoir, la France!

It may sound funny but sometimes I ask myself :'How do I look when I'm very sad or tired?'. How if I make some photos to answer my silly question? :D And I did it during my travel in France for family reasons. I was so tired and sad to makeup so I just made some photos of my natural looks. Luckily, the sun was shining brightly and I just needed some minutes of Photoshop to make the photos look a bit more artistic )))

Usually, I dress comfortably for travelling. And I bring with me as less clothes as possible. Also in these looks, the jacket was from Cool Cat and it's really warm to wear. I wore it when I was in the mountain in November and I felt good with it. It's the only one jacket I brought with me during my travel from Holland to Italy and France. I bought these boots in France to change my mountain shoes which were covered by dust. But of course, I didn’t wear them when I went back to the mountain after 3 days stayed in France. You know, the fashionable boots are made for wearing in the cities not to climb the mountains :D

Thank you for visiting my blog!Have a nice weekend! xxx Han

Photo colour by Han in France

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