Saturday, April 23, 2016

Black lips baby waking in the weekend

It was a nice Saturday and we went by bicycle to a little lovely village in the Noord-Holland. Along the way, I found a sweet path for bike so we just stopped for awhile to make some cool looks with my cute Cool Cat jacket. Actually, it's still cold here so I wore a thicker jacket to go by bike. But I made cool looks, I just took it out for a while. When we finished the shooting, I was freezing. But I couldn't stop acting in front of the camera in such a beautiful weekend day! Hello beautiful sun! xoxoxo Hanna

Do la vao mot ngay thu Bay dep troi, vo chong toi nhan tien dap xe nguoc gio Ha Lan den mot ngoi lang nho ven bien. Tren duong di, chung toi bang qua mot khuc duong vang dep nhu mo. Toi thay day la mot noi cho bo anh thoi trang cua minh, nen chung toi da dung xe lai va…mot, hai ba…dien. Chiec ao phao toi mac duoc coi tung ra de nhuong cho chiec ao khoac nhe cua Cool Cat. Mot chut son moi den va buoc di trong gio de co bo anh an tuong. Chang may khi troi dep the nay va dung ngay ca hai deu ranh, toi bo luon chiec ao khoac nhe va dien voi cai ao so mi luon the. Hi sinh vi nghe thuat day. Toi di dom tu nhu. Chup xong vai cai anh cung la luc tay toi run cam cap, ko cam noi chiec tui. May man chang tho anh cua toi da nhanh chong giup toi van hai cai ao khoac vao va tiep tuc cuoc dap xe den ngoi lang nho xinh xinh ven bien. Mot ngay thu bay va bo anh vui ve cua chung toi day. Xin chao cuoi tuan nang dep! xoxoxo Hanna

Photos for the look: TH
Stylist and photos colour: Hanna
Italian bag: Silvia Milano
Shorts & Jacket: CoolCat



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    1. Thank you Yulia! I'll visit your blog now too. Have a nice day! <333