Friday, May 27, 2016

I have a dream

Everyone has a dream. But how many of us have courage and luck to spend all the time, head, energy to follow it? There are too many things and duties to do in daily life and at the end of the day, you may almost forget about your dream, don’t you? ‘But life without a dream is the one which isn’t completed. So just believe in yourself, try hard whenever you can and be patient to catch up your dream!’, I often say that to myself. My dream is, one day in the future, I can earn a living from my paintings, and to give other painters a hand to advertise their beautiful art works to more people. How about you? What is your dream, guys? Xoxoxo Hanna

Painting 'Sunset in Levanto' created by Hanna Painter , 30cmx30cm, acrylic, costs 125 euro.
Stylist and photo colour by Hanna Painter
Outfits: fashion shoes Osvaldo Rossi, belt made in Italy 65, dress Mango, green flower ring

Cuoc song voi bao bon be nhung lo toan thuong nhat, co luc lam ta quen beng rang ta cung co mot uoc mo. Mot uoc mo du to lon hay nho be cung deu rat dang tran trong vi no lam cho cuoc song cua ta them phong phu, sac mau. No lam ta them yeu cuoc doi nay. Song ma khong mo, cu thieu thieu dieu gi do. Vay thi cu mo di va co gang, tin tuong, mot ngay nao do sau nhieu nam no luc, giac mo cua ban se tro thanh hien thuc thi sao. Co the lam chu!? 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Beautiful handmade accessories 

I often find handmade stuffs very lovely. It may take much more time to make a product by hand, not by the machines, but then, what you have is so cute and moreover, it's unique. 

Just take a look at this so adorable heart pieces. For 12 euro, including worldwide shipping, you'll own it :). I think, it's a reasonable price for the beautiful product which is handmade from Europe.

And look at this product in green with wooden beads, natural feathers and peacock feather. How cute! It's costed 20 euro.

And also this blue accessory with orange knitted flower and beads, natural and art feathers. I'm really in love with it. With 15 euro in total, you'll bring it home :).

How about something for your beautiful hair? Something like this green hair accessories with natural feathers and beads. The price is only 10 euro. It looks adorable on hair, isn't it? :)

There are still lots of other beautiful and lovely handmade products from a nice European producer which I'd like to share with you. If you're interested to see more or to buy one of them, just send me an email to I'll be very happy to show you more photos and give you more information in detail :)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Green swan

Ummm, You normally see swan in white colour, right? How about a green swan?! :) How does it look like? Maybe it look like this? :D The idea to make 'green swan' look crossed my mind when I saw this dress CNDirect. The dress is very cute to make 'green swan' look and it would be a good idea to show your sexy back in a party ))) xoxoxo Hanna

Ummm, normalmente vedi i cigni di colore bianco, vero? Che ne dite di una cigna verde? Come sarà? Una cigna verde sarà qualcosa che non è molto normale. L'idea di fare look 'la Cigna verde' ha attraversato la mia testa quando ho visto questo vestito CNDirect. L'abito è molto carino per fare il mio look 'la cigna verde' e sarebbe una buona idea per mostrare la tua schiena sexy in una festa )))) xoxoxo Hanna

Stylist and photo colour by Hanna Painter
Photo by TH
Necklace: Mango
Bracelet: Handmade from Rome, Italy

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tulip beauty

After more than three years living in the Netherlands, finally we could make some sweet photos with amazing tulip field and my lovely silk dress Ao dai. The red tulip field is just close by where I work as a volunteer. The long silk dress was a present, many years ago, from my great mother in law when I still lived in Milan. It was not bad weather in that weekend and we decided to make photos before it's too late. The tulips fields are lasted only for some weeks and you'll never know how the weather will be, so...just take the chance :D. It was about 5 degree celsius in that evening with quite hard wind, when we took the photos. But I didn't mind. I want some artistic photos with this beautiful tulip field. But I think it's more suitable to wear this dress in a warm country than in the cold and windy Netherlands. Anyway, I'm very happy of the fotos we make with tulips field and my silk dress. I have different long dress Ao dai and I'm trying to wear them at least one time every year to make looks. They are so beautiful, don't you agree? :) Have a nice weekend! xoxoxo Hanna

Na meer dan drie jaar wonen in Nederland, konden wij eindelijk foto's maken met mooie tulpenveld en in mijn mooie vietnamese lange jurk. Het rode tulpenveld is dicht bij waar ik werk als vrijwilliger. De lang zijden rode jurk was een cadeautje, vele jaar geleden, van mijn aardige schoonmoeder toen ik nog in Milaan woonde. Het was geen slecht weer in dat weekend en wij bestolen om foto's te maken voordat het te laat was. De tulpen bloeien slechts enkele weken dus je moet snel zijn anders zijn ze uit gebloeid... Dus gewoon de kans nemen :D

Het was ongeveer 5 graden met vrij harde wind op die avond toen wij de foto's hebben gemaakt, maar ik vond dat niet erg. Ik wilde wat artistieke foto's met deze mooie tulpen. Die zijden jurk is echt charmant en geschikt in dit panorama. Maar ik denk dat deze meer geschikt is te dragen in een warm land dan in het koude en winderige Nederland :D.

More inform about the dress:
Stylist and photo colour edited by Hanna Painter

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spring jump

Do you feel happy when the weather is beautiful? Me, I do. How can I not happy with this kind of blue sky and lovely flowers blooming everywhere in the springtime? After months of waiting, this is such a sweet dream come true. Last weekend, we just took the chance to make some looks with these dreaming panorama. I was very glad to combine my look with the sportive Yorik shoes, the comfortable dress from Mango and my little beige bag which I bought last summer in Italy. I explored my feeling by jumping to thanks to the beautiful spring :D. Have a happy springtime, everyone! Love xoxoxo Hanna

Sau nhiều tháng dài chờ đợi, cuối cùng thì nắng xuân cũng về cùng bao loài hoa khoe sắc. Chúng tôi phải tranh thủ ngay thời gian này chụp ảnh cùng muôn xuân. Tâm trạng khấn khích, vui vẻ ngắm hoa dưới nắng đẹp làm tôi nhảy nhót. Không nhảy sao được, vui quá hóa …bay bổng mà :D. May mắn là chiếc áo váy của Mango rất thoải mái và đôi giầy thể thao Yorik cũng vậy. Chiêc túi mang theo màu be dễ thương nhẹ nhàng không làm phiền gì cả. Tôi tậu nó trong một của hàng nhỏ ở Italy trong chuyến về nhà. Một bộ ảnh lóa vì hoa xuân và những điệu nhảy của tôi. Chúc mọi người bỏ phiền muội, vui đón xuân về nhé!

Photos by TD
Stylist and photo colour by Hanna Painter

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Smelling like summer

Maybe you still remember, I always say I love the summer. Why? There are many reasons to love it. One of them is that I can wear these lovely bikini to take a bath from beautiful sunlight. Here is my look when I went to the amazing sea in Southern Italy. The bikini is from V& D and the paper hat is from a secondhand shop here in Holland. You don't need too much to enjoy a beautiful day like this one! Have a lovely weekend! xoxoxo Hanna

J'adore l'éte! Pourquoi? Parce qu'il y a beaucoup de raisons de l'aimer. Un d'eux est que je peux mettre le beau bikini pour prendre la belle lumière du soleil. Ceci est mon look à la mer. Le bikini est de V&D. Le chapeau de paille vien d'un magasin de vetements usés. Tu n'a pas trop de besoins quand il y a une belle journée comme ça. Bon week-end! xoxoxo

Bikini V&D:

Stylist and photo colours by Hanna Painter