Sunday, June 5, 2016

Memorable SOUFEEL

Hi sweeties, finally I can make photos and write post about the beautiful bracelets  and charms of SOUFEEL. I couldn't wait to show you how lovely these products are. Did you ever hear about SOUFEEL before? If not yet, just come to take a look at the website, I'm sure you'll like it J. These products are not only charming to see, moreover, the material of these charms and bracelet is 925 sterling silver. I'm really satisfied to have them :).

And this is the box you'll receive from SOUFEEL when you order their products. So cute, isn't it? The charms and bracelet are sent with save package and separately. I like it.

I also like the little bag you get from your order

When you buy jewelry over 50€, you have a free delivery and you get either a free stopper for your charms bracelet or you can choose to get a free silver necklace. And with an order over 99€ , you get free another charm in extra. At this moment,  there are many gorgeouse products are on sale. Just  visit and take the opportunities to own these lovely icons! :) :) :) 

What is wonderful from SOUFEEL is if you aren't satisfied with the products you order , you can return your jewelry within 365 days. What is more, with the code Blog5 you can also save 5% on any order. It's not only wonderful to own SOUFEEL products but it's also a good idea as a present to your loved ones.

I do like these silver charms and the bracelet for its lovely beauty and  high quality. I'm going to make fashion looks with them within next week for my blogpost. Don’t forget to come back to see how I combinate them with other outfits J

And last, thank you so much for visiting, commenting on my post! I wish you a sweet evening! Talk to you soon. Greetings from Holland xxx Hanna


  1. Such adorable charms and bracelets from SOUFEEL. I do like them very much! )))

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    1. Da, hang co tru so o My theo ben dai dien cung cap chi a :)

  3. Adorable charms and lovely bracelet! Such beautiful little things. Yes, I'd love to own one too.

    1. Please click on the banner of SOUFEEL to see more products

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    1. Thank you dear <3333 Have a nice day! I've just visited and comment on your post too. Kisses

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