Thursday, July 28, 2016

PPZ Sporty Yoga Pants

Hi my dears, how have you been doing? Today I'd like to share with you my looks while practicing Yoga with the very comfortable sporty pants of PPZ. Even I don't do it everyday but it's absolutely one of my favourite sport. I plan to learn it better in the next months. I find it's a good way to make your body stronger and more flexible, meaning more beautiful for my point of views. I think it's also a good way to release your stress :). And you, what do you think, sweeties? xoxoxo Hanna

Xin chao moi nguoi! Hom nay em xin chia se hinh anh em luyen tap Yoga voi quan the thao cua PPZ. No rat thoai mai va co chat luong tot. Rat la phu hop voi bo mon Yoga. Du khong thuong xuyen luyen tap mon nay nhung no la mot trong nhung mon the thao yeu thich cua em :). No khien em cam thay khoe khoan va co the dan hoi tot hon. Bo mon nay cung la mot cach de day lui cang thang trong cuoc song. Moi nguoi co nghi vay khong a? :)

What I wear in the look:
2. Ziki sporty top

Thursday, July 21, 2016


I remember to read this beautiful sentence somewhere 'Travelling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller'. It's very true. Travelling opens my eyes about the world. It brings me the opportunities to meet new people and see by my eyes how beautiful this world is.

This time, I'd like to share with you our trip in Venice, Italy. We made it many years ago. Venice is absolutely a special city on earth. But it’s also an expensive and very crowded one. So we just organized to visit there in the way that we spent as less as we could. We booked a cheap motel which was out of Venice centre but not too far way. This way you pay many times less and you're sure that you have a free room to book. Restaurants in Venice are always full and expensive, too. So we just carried some breads and fruits with us. You don't need to be rich to discover the world but you do need to have a love for travelling and good preparation before you go :).

         My style when I travel: simple, easy and comfortable.

I really love the architecture of the ancient buildings in this city.

                     Go by train is also a good way to travel

Lots of respect for Italian artists and who own their small business in Italy in this moment.

               After all, Venice is a heritage of our beautiful world!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The black lion

Hi my dears, today I'd like to share with you my idea of combination  for the look 'black lion'. A black lion? It’s not so common, I know. But it's just my idea. And I have full of ideas in my crazy head :D

Salut mes chers! Aujourd'hui je voudrais partager avec vous mon idée pour le look 'La lionne noire'. Une lionne noire? Elle est pas si commun, je le sais. Mais il est juste mon idée. Et j'ai beaucoup d'idées dans ma tete folle :D.

This time all outfits are black. Also the sky was grey as you can see from my photos. I chose the cool and lovely top from Tally Weijl for the look. I had fun wearing it. The sportive trousers are from Cool Cat. You can also wear it to do sport. Very comfortable. The sandals are from Biviel, very good quality. And also beautiful, aren't they?

Cette fois, toutes les outfits sont noirs. Le ciel était gris, aussi :D. J'ai choisi le top du Tally Weijl pour le look. Très cool, non?! Je me suis amusée à le porter. Les pantalons sportifs sont de CoolCat. Vous pouvez egalement le porter pour faire du sport. Très confortable! Enfin, les sandales Biviel, sont très bonnes qualités. Et aussi belles, n'est ce pas?

What do you think about my idea for the looks 'The black lion', sweeties?

Que pensez - vous de mon idée pour le look 'La lionne noir'?

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bandeau Bikini Top

The summer is already arrived more than two weeks ago but the temperature in the North Holland is going up and down. Sometimes it's fine enough to wear a beautiful skirt, sometimes it's cold enough to wear a light jacket. That evening we had up and down some sunlight. It's enough to take a good walk and make some photos with bikini. 

L'estate è già arrivata piu' di due settimane fa, ma la temperatura nel Nord-Holland sta andando su e giu'. A volte è abbastanza bene per indossare una gonna bella, a volte fa freddo abbasantaza per metterti una giacca leggera. Quella sera abbiamo avuto ogni tanto la luce del sole. E' stato bello per fare una bella passeggiata e fare qualche foto con i bikini.

The Bandeau Bikini Top of H&M is so cute to wear. It's absolutely one of the most lovely bikini tops I've ever wore so far. A kind of bikini top solution for women who have the first size small like me. I felt very comfortable and confident to wear it :).

Il Bandeau bikini top di H&M è così carino da indossare. E' assolutamente uno dei più bei bikini che abbia mai indossato finora. Un tipo di soluzione top bikini per le donne che hanno la prima piccola come me. Mi sentivo molto comfortevole e sicuro di indorssarlo :).

                                                           Handmade silk skirt and top

Friday, July 1, 2016

Our outdoor exhibition and workshop
On Saturday the weather was not good, Monday it rained, but between that, Sunday, the sun was with us the whole day in our outdoor exhibition and workshop. We were very lucky and thankful. Thanks so much to our dear friends for coming! I was very happy to see you there :).
Since I began to learn to paint in the Netherlands, the land of the Van Gogh and many great painters, I have a dream. My dream is to paint beautiful paintings of my style. Then to organize exhibitions and advertising for paintings of myself and other painters. More people will see the artworks of us painters. And in a weekend, I made it reality for the first time after more than 1 years of dreaming and trying. Many thanks to my boss and one of my painting teacher for helping and joining my plan of exhibition and workshop in the 'Opendag'. 
Are you interested in these paintings? Please send me an email to

Sinds ik begon met schilderen te leren in Nederland, het land van Van Gogh en vele bekende schilders, Ik heb een droom. Mijn droom is om meer mooie schilderijen in mijn stijl te maken. En dan een expositie en reclame te maken voor deze schilderijen van mij zelf en andere schilders. Meer mensen zullen de kunstwerken van goede schilders te kijken. Een weekend werd het realiteit. Voor de eerste keer na meer dan 1 jaar van dromen en proberen.
Op zaterdag was het weer niet mooi. Maandag was het regen. Maar zondag was er de hele dag de zon bij onze outdoor tentoonstelling en workshop. Daar waren we erg blij mee. Bedankt lieve vrienden voor jullie komst! Ik was erg blij om jullie daar te zien.
Veel dank aan mijn baas en mijn leraar schilderen voor hun hulp bij het organiseren van de expositie en workshop.

Beautiful paintings of my art teacher.

Some of my paintings
Other works of a Dutch artist

It was absolutely beautiful day

Thank you for visiting my blog. Don't forget to leave me a comment so I can visit your post as well. Have a nice weekend! xoxoxo Hanna