Monday, August 29, 2016

Italian ice cream in gelateria artigianale

You may complain something about Italy but not its homemade ice cream gelato artigianale. I'm not a fan of ice cream but since I tried gelato artiginale in Italy, I did enjoy it very much. Now I’m a big fan of Italian homemade ice cream. Not all ice creams made in Italy are delicious, but the percentage of finding an extremely delicious ice cream is very high when you're in Italy. For example, I've tried about six ice cream shops in Milan and four of them have very good taste products. The process of making relato artigianale is very complicated and something artistic. The ingredients to make them are from nature sources such as fruits, milk etc. For my own experience, Italian homemade ice cream is absolutely one of the best in the world. High recommendation when you visit Italy: don't forget to try ice cream at a gelateria artigianale :) xoxoxo Hanna

Some other photos during my travel 

What I wore during my travel:
White dress: Promod

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dancing in the North Sea �������� Dress designed by Hanna Painter

Dress designed by me :))) I hope you guys like the music I chose for this video. Have a sweet evening! xoxoxo Hanna

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

About an office look

Except for the high-heeled shoes, this is one my office looks. It looks serious enough but still feminine. This look is very comfortable, too. I feel quite good and confident when I wear this.The shoes are from brand RB, made in Italy. The lovely shirt is from Sandro Ferrone which I bought in Rome. The white pants are second hand, made to rise horse, but I also like to combinate it with daily outfits. It's from the brand Harry's Horse. The little bag is from David Johns Paris. I like it very much cause it's small but I can still bring all my world inside it hahaha :D. What do you think about my new look, sweeties? :))) xoxoxo Hanna

Behalve de schoenen met hoge hakken, dit is een van mijn kantoor look. Deze look is comfortabel maar toch vrouwelijk. Ik voel me helemaal goed en vol vertrouwen als ik dit draag. De schoenen zijn van het merk RB, gemaakt in ItaliĆ«. Het mooie shirt is van Sandro Ferrone, die kocht ik in Rome. De witte broek is tweede hands, gemaakt om paard te rijden. Maar vind ik hem mooi te combineren met dagelijkse outfits. Hij is van het merk Harry's Horse. Het tasje is van het merk David Johns Paris. Ik vind het erg leuk. Wat vind jij van mijn niewe look, schatjes? 

Outfits in this look:
Shoes: RB 'made in Italy'
Pants: Harry's Horse
Shirt: Sandro Ferrone 'made in Italy'
Bag: David Johns Paris