Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Yvy office dress

One of my favorite dress when I worked in the office from Yvy. It's really simple and comfortable to wear. Ofcourse it's not sexy at all to show beautiful women body but what is needed at the office is not showing your beauty but doing your work at your best. And you must look serious and powerful enough, depends on the requirement at your work. Your look is quite important related to your responsibility. Yvy dress can ‘give you a hand’ to complete your serious look :)

I also love the lovely handmade black bag from a shop in the open market in Madrid. It's very suitable with this white dress, isn't it?

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Dress by Yvy
Photos and styling by Hanna Painter

Thursday, September 8, 2016

At the airport

Hi guys, today I'd like to share with you my look at the airport and some photos I made during my waiting time for the plane to be repaired its technical problem. We're about two hours in advance and almost four hours of delay, so I had lots of time to make photos as you can see here in this post :))) I always find many things make me feel good to do, to past the not good moments in life. For example, in this case, for the cause of the delay, I went to bed at my destination at almost 3:00 AM and totally was killed by the tiredness. But then I woke up in the day after that and still could smile and said to myself :'Umm, I had some fun moments to make looks and photos, read lots of news during my stay at the airport. It's not too bad eh :))). Today things will be better than yesterday :)))'. There are things out of your control and you can't do anything to change it, so just accept it and move on! By the way, this is one of the two looks I made. I didn't know the flight was delayed before I was there, otherwise I'd take with me more than two combo of looks hahaha

Xin chao moi nguoi,
Hom nay em xin chia se cach phoi hop do khi di may bay. Em quan niem luc di lai phai that thoai mai, nhung cung khong kem phan nu tinh. Giay cao got thi de o nha khi chup anh va hoi he, con khi di chuyen giay de bet la thuong sach, vua ko dau chan, met nguoi lai vo cung thuan tien. Trong truong hop can thiet co the chay thoan thoat :))). Tui xach theo cung ko qua nho, ko qua to de minh co the bo vao trong cac vat can thiet nhu Ipad, dien thoai, ho chieu, giay to, chai nuoc uong, son phan vvv…

As you often see, my looks for travelling are mostly simple and comfortable. I really enjoy wearing this outfits: the sport shoes, this white soft skirt and the off shoulder shirt. This green bag is also a good idea when you travel. You can bring many things with you in only one bag, such as Ipad, phone, makeup, passport, doc, water etc...as you wish.

Airport Schiphol through my eyes

Meal at the airport

Amsterdam from high

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