Thursday, November 24, 2016

My idea of look at the airport

 Hello loves, how has you been doing so far? I hope things go great for you, wherever you are. Time flies so fast and I'm glad being busy with my lovely activities here. And blogging and sharing my combination of looks, is always one of my most favourite activites:). This time is my idea of look at the airport. The red scarf with black plaid is very lovely. It makes my combo less boring in only black and white.

The white sweater from Zara is just perfect with this black plaid short skirt of Woman Fashion. I'm also in love with my-9-year-old- bag from Hello Kitty brand :))

Actually, I didn't go on travel this time but I went to the airport to pick up our dear guests who came to visit us. That's why I could wear these fashion boots. When I have to travel, I wear only sport shoes to be comfortable. 

While waiting for our guests to arrive, I got a chance to listening to the beautiful musics from these Dutch singers. I do think it's a gorgeous activity, which helps you feel relax before flying.

Me, just took the advantage of waiting and the quiet moment in the bar to make some fashion looks. Good idea, wasn't it? 

I hope you enjoy my new post! Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blogspot. I wish you a nice day, wherever you are! See you very soon on your blog. Kisses xoxo Hanna

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Hello sweeties,
How was your Saturday? And how about the weather in your place? I hope it's beautiful for you there. Here it's cold and grey today. But it's just perfect to spend my evening inside and blogging. This time I'd love to share with you a lovely online shop which caught my attention right away. It's StyleWe where you can find original, high quality and exclusive fashion products from independent designers. 

By StyleWe you will find your own unique style because it's not simply a shop online but also its designs and fashion covers many different styles.

 See the coat detail click here

 See the coat detail here

 See dress detail click here

 see dress detail click here

 See sweeter detail click here

see sweater detail click here

These are just some examples for my taste, but I'm sure you can find what you like with this different styles shop. What more? There are plenty of sales in this moment!!  Just take a look, you may love it as I do :)).
What is very beautiful from StyleWe is you can find not only different styles of gorgeous clothes for different prices but also many lovely high quality handbags (click here)

 See the bag detail click here

see the bag detail click here

see the bag detail click here

I hope you enjoy my post over StyleWe. Have a nice weekend and see your soon on the next blogspot. Kisses xoxoxo Hanna

In collaboration with StyleWe


Friday, November 11, 2016

New wishlist
 Hello sweeties, 
A new weekend is coming. Time flies so fast! But it's beautiful to enjoy our time with our woman's world, isn't it?! Today I've just visited a lovely website where I find many gorgeous jackets for this autumn. They're absolutely in my wishlist of this month. How about you? Do you like them, too? 
See detail  here

See jacket detail here 

 see jacket detail here

And how about a lovely skirt like this? 
see shirt detail here

And lovely red dresses for the month of Christmas and New Year event, which is coming very soon?

see dress detail here

see dress detail here

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The girl in red dress

Hi there lovely girls, what do you think of a red dress? I think it's a good idea for a beautiful weekend evening. Red colour? I never have enough of it! :)) And this time, I really like this red and black round neck plaid dress from Shein It costed almost $50, but for this sale season, it only costs $14.99. So don't miss this chance, sweeties  :))

Wat vind je van een rode jurk? Ik denk dat het een goed idee is voor een prachtige avond in het weekend. Rode kleur? Ik heb nooit genoeg van. En deze keer, vind ik deze rood met zwarte ronde hals uit de Shein erg mooi. Het kostte bijna $ 50, maar voor dit moment van de verkioop, kost het slechts maar $ 14,99. Mis deze kant niet :))


  See dress here


See dress  here 


See dress here

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my new post! Have a nice evening and see your soon on your blog. xoxo Hanna 

In collaboration with Shein.  

Photos and styling by Hanna Painter