Sunday, December 25, 2016

Black forever!

Hi my dears, I hope you have a great Christmas with your family and your beloved ones. Here I've spent an amazing evening close to the magic lights and candles with my family. Such a special moment of the year! :) In the happy mood, I would love to share with you my new wishlist which I call 'Black is forever'. This time I made it with a lovely online shop: Shein. Did you ever heard about it before? :)
 See the dress detail here
 see the dress detail here

If you have enough of red colour outfits, how about come back to the never old one - the black!I'm just so in love with these chic and beautiful dresses!!

 See the dress detail here

See the dress detail here

 Some some elegant coats are always the best choice for this cold winter :)

 See the coat detail here

 See the coat detail here

I hope you enjoy to see the items in my new wishlist. Have a sweet dream to all girls in the world. xoxo Hanna

Saturday, December 24, 2016

 It's StyleWe, babies

Hello sweetie, first of all, Merry Christmas! I wish you a Happy Holidays with your beloved ones <3 For this special day, I'd love to share with you a beautiful shop, one of my favorite absolutely :) It's StyleWe! There you can find so many gorgeous high quality items to upgrade your style. Just take a look at some of their beautiful products with me. I'm sure you'll like them, too :)

If you're looking for an amazing red dresses and fashionable bags for these special holidays, you're in the right place, babies :)

StyleWe is also a great online shop we you can find many lovely jumpsuits for women for this winter

 I'm so in love with the fashionable items, this lovely coat including:)

You can find many more wonderful items at StyleWe.Thank you so much for visiting my blog!!! xoxo Hanna

In collaboration with StyleWe


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Blue Distressed Boyfriend Jeans


Hi sweeties, how about we girls don't look so sweet sometimes? I think it's absolutely not a problem at all! You can express yourself the way you like it via fashion. Fashion is a way! Yes, it is!! :) How about a cool look with a boyfriend jeans like this one?! :))

See the jeans detail here

 These jeans are not only cool but very fashionable and never old! A brilliant choice for people who love comfortable outfits, too.

 See detail here

 I'm in love with these jeans, no double.

I hope you enjoy my idea of outfits combination this time. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my new look! Have a sweet dream xoxo Hanna

In collaboration with Romwe shop

Jeans:  Boyfriend jeans 

Photo and styling by HannaPainter


Sunday, December 18, 2016

The girl in red coat with dragon earrings

 Hi sweeties,
How was your weekend? I hope you had a great one. Today it was a lovely Sunday here and I had a good time working in the garden. Just some cleaning works but I'm always happy to take care of my plants :)) And now when it's dark outside, it's getting dark very early in Holland in this period, and I'm here writing my blog to share with you <3
Did you ever heard about Dresslink shop? They have lovely items and there are plenty of big sales in this moment. The products are as beautiful as they are in the pictures, too. I'm just in love with this red coat.

See the coat detail here

And it's such a gorgeous combo together with the black bag also from the shop.

 See the bag detail here

 Being in love with the legend dragon, I just can't stop to own one :))

 The earrings detail here

 I hope you enjoying my combo of fashion look and like the items from the shop. Have a nice evening to you, loves! xoxo

In collaboration with
Dresslink shop

What I wear
camel coats 
cosplay bag 
gothic earrings 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Festival wishlist - BIG SALE and FREE SHIPPING

What's up girls?! It's weekend again and the great festival is coming soon :)) So it's time for us to relax and do some shopping maybe. I'm here to share with you a good new about the BIG SALE en FREE SHIPPING from Shein. It's for the Christmas and New Year event. It'll last until 2016-12-19. So don't lose this great chance, babies :))
There are plenty of lovely items with big sale in this moment. I'm myself so in love with these cool and stylish bags, for example :))

See the bag detail here
 see the bag detail here

 Or these beautiful and cute sweaters
 see the sweater detail here

see the sweater detail here

  see the sweater detail here

 see the sweater detail here

 see the sweater detail here

see the sweater detail here

I hope you enjoy my new wishlist and find something lovely for yourself or your friends for the big coming festival days :). Have a nice weekend dear! Kisses xoxo

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December wishlist

Hi sweeties, the Christmas and New Year events are coming soon this month. Are you ready for the parties? :D Do you feel excited? Me, I do :D.  I'm just thinking: wow, I can't wait for these events!! And it'd be wonderful if I could have these items from Shein to wear in these special days of the year :D :D Do you also like these lovely red coat and jacket?

 See the coat detail here

 See the jacket detail here

 See the jacket detail here

I like these red floral skirts, too.
See the skirt detail here

 see the skirt detail here
And this red dress look so pretty and sexy,isn't it.

see the dress detail here

Monday, December 5, 2016

Girl soldier look

 Being trained in the army during my law university, I always have some lovely feeling for army clothes. I find them very cool. And when I saw this Camo Print Drawstring Pockets Coat from Shein I was just in love with it :)) I'm very happy to use my own idea to create fashion looks with this cool coat and share it with you today.

 See the coat detail here

I think it's very suitable to combine with lots of different outfits. For example, with a cute white shorts and a lovely hat as in my new looks here. 

Or you can put it together event with your sport pants and top and a red hat. They're stunning together, aren't they? 

 See the coat detail here

Another lovely thing of this coat is it's on sale: you can own it for only $29,99 instead of $49,99. An opportunities to have this cool item and to save some money for the next shopping, too :))

In collaboration with Shein
Photos and styling by Hanna Painter