Monday, January 23, 2017

Beautiful red and black

Hello everyone, hello new week! I hope you had a relax and colourful weekend :). Which colour is your favourite? Mine are red and black. So today decide to start my new week with them. 

The red dress is just so beautiful and chic to mix with black jacket, shoes and ofcourse back hat. For my opinion this gorgeous dress is suitable not only for a birthday party, an evening out but even for a New Year event or important days such as an wedding party. What do you think about it?

I also love the gold colour pattern decoration of the dress. It makes the dress so pretty and chic, too.

In collaboration with Chicme
Dress: Chicme 
Hat: Borsalino

Photos and styling by: Hanna Painter

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Viva Sport!

Hello dear, How have you been doing? I hope you're doing great wherever you are! Here I was very busy these days and had no time for blogging but now I'm back to continue to share and visit your beautiful blogs :) Being a doer, I love an active life with lots today. One of those is doing sport! That's why today I'm sharing with you my look with sport outfits. I really love the stylish black high waist legging here.

see the legging detail here 

 I like very much the legging because it's really cool, comfortable. And you can wear it not only to do sport but also to go out with other sportive outfits. It's wonderful, isn't it? :)

It's absolutely a brilliant choice for your sportive or stylish look :))

I hope you enjoy my combination of sport look. Thank you for visiting my blog! Kisses

In collaboration with ChicMe
Pants: ChicMe 
Photos and styling by Hanna Painter


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Only bags today

Hello sweeties, do you likes lovely bags? Me, I always like cute bags. They are just irresistible! Today I'd like to share with you some of the beautiful bags I find. They're absolutely in my new wishlist <3

 See the bag detail here

 see the bag detail here

 If you like the backpacks, there are also plenty of choices for you in this wonderful shop :)

 see the backpark detail here

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lovely pink jacket

Hello darlings, so it's weekend again! Time flies, isn't it? Let's have some fun and enjoy it! :) For today, I'm happy to show you my look with this lovely pink jacket. I'm totally in love so cute patterns. They make the jacket super cute and fun to wear <3

See the jacket detail here

I also love its pink colour. Just gorgeous! I think it'd be perfect to mix it with a jean shorts and sport shoes. A cool hair style is the last step to complete the look.

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my new post! I hope you enjoy seeing my fun looks :) I'll see you very soon on your sites. xoxo Hanna

 In collaboration with


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

It's all about a hot bag today :)

Hello my dears, Happy New Year to you! I wish you a year of health, happiness and success! And to begin the new year 2017, I'd love to share with you my idea to make look with a chic bag from Shein. I really love this brown ring chain accent faux suede flap bag.

 See the bag detail here

In this lovely shop online you can find a lot of beautiful bags with all style you wish. I personally find their bag not only great quality but also fashionable :)

See the bag detail here

And I had a fun time to create fashion look with this gorgeous bag. I hope you enjoy to see my new looks of the year. 

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my new post, my dears! Can't wait to see your new fashion looks, too. Have a beautiful shopping time! xoxo Hanna

In collaboration with SHEIN
Photo and styling by HannaPainter