Monday, February 27, 2017

I <3 Amsterdam!! :)

Hello sweeties, did you visit Amsterdam before? If not yet, do you have any plan to see this amazing city? I have visited Amsterdam several times and I still plan to come back there as many times as I can. It's absolutely one of the most beautiful and interesting cities on earth. How? Just come there one day to discover it by yourself <3 You'll be happy to do that, I'm sure! :)

In today post, I'm just sharing with you some of my photos during the last visit in Amsterdam. It was a beautiful day with blue sky, not too much hard wind :D And ofcourse, I just took this gorgeous chance to make some fashion looks with the beautiful view of the city. 


Amsterdam is famous for many things, one of them are its romantic canals and many bicycles :)

My style when traveling in Amsterdam is my basic style: simple, comfortable, cool and also a bit of chic :). 

Do you like the photos and stylish looks I made in Amsterdam? Do you have any question about the post or the city? I'd love to share more in detail with you if you're interested in? :) 

Photos and styling by HannaPainter
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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Are you ready for next sping?

Hello sweeties, just stop by in this saturday evening to share with you some lovely items I just found today. I hope you enjoy my new lovely items list for next spring as well as enjoying your beautiful free time <3 

You can see more detail of this item here 

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Faux Leather Gold Bomber Jacket

  Hello my dears, it's such a nice day to share with you my idea of fashion look with a-beautiful-gold-jacket. Some girls may say :'Oh, it must be difficult to mix a gold colour outfit!', but I think it's not difficult at all. It even can bring you fun and have a special look that makes you different from others. Don't you think so? :) 


 See jacket price here

I find it's super cool, fun and fashionable when you mix this lovely jacket with an embroidery jeans. Absolutely! :)) Here is my idea look for a weekend out for fun in next spring time!!

 You can find more detail of the jacket here


Is it jacket only for festival or fun events? I say :'No, you can also even try it on in daily wear!'. Here it is the look. Cool, isn't it? :)

  I hope you enjoy my idea of fashion look with the jacket! Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my new post! Can't wait to visit your blog, too. Kisses xoxo Hanna

In the collaboration with Shein 

Photos and styling by Hanna Painter
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

V-DAY SALE! UP TO 85% OFF and Embroidery shirts are irresistible :)

Hello dears, first of all, I must share with you a very good new which I've got. There will be wonderful chances to own many lovely items up to 85% sale off on the Valentine's Day. Just take a look at Shein, darlings! 

Secondly, I'm here today to share with your my love for embroidery shirts. They are truly irresistible, aren't they? Don't you like them, too?

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hello sweeties, how have you been doing? I hope you are fine and everything is going great for you there :) I'm very happy to be back to blogging after 2 weeks of break for my private reason. It's now 10:00 PM so I don't have much time before going to bed, but at least I must share with you this blue embroidery ripped raw hem jeans :D

 It's super cool and also beautiful, isn't it?

 I really love the embroidery and ripped raw of the jeans. They make it looks very fashionable and original.