Thursday, June 29, 2017

Embroidery dresses

Hello my dear girls, 

just a very quick share with you about my dream embroidery dresses of this week before going to bed. I'll dream about them tonight, maybe :D How about you? Do you like them too? And what is your most favourite one here? Have a sweet dream and see you tomorrow xoxo Hanna

Dress price HERE

Dress price HERE

Dress price HERE

Dress price HERE

Dress price HERE

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Wishlist 'Vestidos al Cuerpo'

Hello my dears, 

So beautiful summer is here with us again. I'm so happy to wear lovely and gorgeous outfits as it's warm outside here in the Netherlands :)

One of my most favorite items are Vestidos al Cuerpo and Vestido Manga Larga. Let's take a look at these sweet fashion outfits <3 They are just so cute, aren't they? I can wait to have one of them to wear this weekend. How about you, girls? I hope you like my new fashion items, too. Have  a sweet dream! Talk to you soon tomorrow xoxo Hanna

Dress price HERE

Dress price HERE

 Dress price HERE
Fashion sunglasses price HERE

Dress price HERE

Friday, June 23, 2017

Yellow flowers - Hello amazing summer!! <3

Hello my dears, first of all, have a beautiful weekend to you! :) I'm looking forward to see your beautiful fashion looks as always. About my look for this first summer weekend: a floral yellow dress is the best choice :) 

Dress price: here
Styling by Hanna Painter Blogger

Monday, June 19, 2017

Hello beautiful spring!!

Hello my sweeties, how have you been doing? It's been for awhile that I couldn't make a post. So I'm very happy to be back on the blog to share with you one of my lovely combinations of fashion look for this beautiful spring: a romantic white peasant dress and this green colour big earrings <3

See more jewelries here

More Dresses: HERE
More Jewelries: HERE

Friday, June 9, 2017

Keep your dream alive

Hi everyone! It's weekend! What beautiful! It's time to make something that we love and share it to the world :) In my case, one of the most wonderful things to spend time with is painting. Playing with magical colours always makes me happy. When I work on a painting, I feel like I'm living in its scene. All my heart and my mind are in there. I don't have much time for this artwork but when I do, I do it with all my love.

Today, I would like to share with you one of the most special paintings which I spent months to practice to paint, then correct, and the work seemed never end. Happily, a very nice person wants to buy it for his house, so it's a good reason for me to finish the work :D 

I made some photos with the painting for souvenir before sending it to the USA. I hope it will arrive to the destination 'safe and sound' and will be loved for a long time in the new country :) 

The back of the painting :D

Ready for the delivery to America

Some photos for souvenir

More activities and photos by Hanna Painter on my other websites

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Spring red and white bag

Hello my dears, How was your weekend? I'm very happy to share with you the looks I just created this Sunday. They are with two lovely bags in red and white. Which one do you like? :)

Bag price here

 See bag price here

Friday, June 2, 2017

Weekend spring wishlist

Hello my dears, I'm happy to be back on the blog this weekend. I hope you had a good week. Anyway, it's weekend and it's time for relaxing :)) How about taking a look at these lovely fashion items before going to bed?! Maybe you will have an idea of what to choose to go out for this beautiful weekend xx Hanna

Dress price here

 Short price here

 Dress price here

 Demin price here

 Jacket price here

Maxi dress price here