Saturday, July 22, 2017

Beautiful embroidery dress and sunglasses <3

Hello sweeties, do you have any plan to go out tomorrow? And if yes, what do you choose to wear? I'm still in love with embroidery dresses so I decide to have this one for Sunday. 

It's just perfect for my-9th-month-pregnancy-body. I mean it's very comfortable. But if you're not pregnant, it would be beautiful to wear it, too. Just choose a smaller size :D And these cat eyes sunglasses are super cool to complete my weekend combo. Do you like these outfits? :) xx Hanna

Dress detail: click here
Cat eyes sunglasses: click here


  1. Happy weekend look #byHannaPainter :))

  2. You look wonderful in this dress Hanna. I love this embroidery :-)

    1. Thank you so much Alice! I'm glad you like my look and embroidery dress, too <3