Monday, January 29, 2018

Spring dream
Hello darlings,
Being a busy mom since some months but I can't give up being a fashion lover anyway :D I continue to looking for beautiful and unique items to enrich my fashion looks. My favourite ones this time are from Zafula lovely online shop with lots of super cool fashion clothes, bags, accessories. I just share with you here some of their items which are in big sale off. For example this jacket costed $76,67 now you can own it for only $29,22

 Jacket detail click

This hot top is just perfect to combinate with the jacket or whatever items 
Top price click

And this one is also catch my attention
 Top price click

It can be a good combo with this jacket, which also in a big sale. Don't loose this chance to own it babies <3 

Jacket price click


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  2. i love the bra and the pink top one..xoxo

  3. Many thanks sweeties for visiting and commenting on my post! Love to see yours, too <3